Type SM

Self-priming pumps - Type SM

Self-priming sewage pumps for clean and polluted liquids or media with gaseous inclusions. Main fields of application: coolant supply, environmental protection technology, surface technic, water supply and -filtration. Special version with sealing chamber.

Our SM serie is our answer to the complex challenges faced in our customers process chain: delivery without mechanical comminution, no complex lifting equipment, self-priming where even zero levels and severely foaming fluids are involved, selectively available with a sealing chamber to protect the mechanical seal, as a dry installation with space-saving and compact installation. An extremely varied model range has made the SM extremely successful favourites in mechanical engineering. A variety of uses are possible: from small machine tools to heavy metal machining, from production involving metal machining to grinding, water jet cutting to recirculation pumps.

  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Process engineering
  • Sewage engineering
  • Draining, drainage
  • Industrial technology
  • Liquids with high air occlusion
  • Strongly contaminated liquids
  • Liquids which may also contain solid
    neutral media, such as alcalines, solvants, coolants,
    lubricants a.s.o
  • Surface technique washing, cleaning, degreasing,
    phosphating, pickling
  • Machine-tool industry environmental technology
  • Filtration and recycling technology
  • Recirculating for cooling lubricant