Type KSP

Self-priming pumps - Type KSP

The multistage centrifugal pump series KSP has been developed for pumping clean and slightly polluted media such as water, emulsions and oils. Schmalenberger offers these pump types for flow rates of 25 to 150 l/min and delivery heads up to 100 m. This results in an extended application range in industrial installations and is ideally suited for use as a feed pump for filter systems, for pumping of cooling liquids and in cooling systems within the machining industry. Due to a wide variety of materials, KSP pumps can also be used in water treatment. The integrated suction stage achieves a suction height of 2 m within 6 s and thus ensures a short-term provision of the liquid to be pumped. KSP pumps are characterized by their compact design and modular design. With its wide variety of possibilities, customer-specific solutions can be implemented quickly and easily. A maintenance-free mechanical seal provides for the necessary sealing and can also be supplied in a large variety of materials for specific applications. The optimized hydraulic of the pump and efficient drives ensure low operating costs. Of course, the pumps have been designed and constructed for operation with frequency converters.


Areas of application:

  • Filter technology
  • Surface technology
  • Machine tool manufacturing
  • Process engineering
  • Cooling and temperature
    control technology
  • Water treatment



  • Compact design
  • Multiple applications
  • Maintenance-free mechanical seal arrangement
  • Individually configurable
  • Simple control
  • Characteristic field extendable with the use of a variable
    speed drive


Technical data:

  • Self-priming
  • Multistage pumps in block construction
  • For clean or slightly polluted media without air inclusions
  • Flow rate 25 - 150 l/min
  • Delivery head up to 100 m
  • Max. suction height 2 m
  • Material: PPS / POM / cast iron
  • Variety of sealing options
  • Motor voltage: 50 Hz up to 3 kW 230/400 V,
    from 4 kW 400/690 V, 60 Hz 460 V
    (other voltages on request)