Type NB

Water recirculation pumps - Type NB

Our NB series are classics on the market. These pumps for swimming pools are sold under the registered fluvo® brand. Depending on the design and area of application, they are utilised for swimming pool attractions in public swimming pools, but also in hotel and private pools. In addition to recirculation tasks, our pumps are used for operating massage jets, counter current units and water curtain systems which are also produced by our company. We place a particular emphasis on an optimum combination of materials for the pump body, impeller and shaft when selecting a pump. Here, in conjunction with the composition of the pool water, the durability of a pump will be put to the test. Chlorine, salt, seawater and chemical additives – water composition is varied and has a corrosive impact.

  • Swimming pool technology
  • Circulation pumps for filter systems
  • To operate pool attractions