Type FB

Torque flow pumps - Type FB

Torque flow close coupled pumps for delivery of strongly contaminated liquids which may also contain solids or long fibrous material. Main fields of application: filtration technic, sewage treatment, surface technic and environmental protection technology. Special versions with dry run protection, sealing liquid chamber and for delivery of hot media.

  • Surface technique
  • Machine-tool industry
  • Environmental technology
  • Filtration and recycling technology
  • Strongly contaminated liquids
  • Liquids which may also contain solids or long fibrous material
  • Neutral or aggressive media, such as alcalines, solvants, coolants, lubricants
  • Washing, cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, pickling
  • Construction features: radial centrifugal pump
  • Materials (wetted surfaces): grey cast iron, non-ferrous metal
  • drive, installation location, control: electric motor, dry pit installation
  • type of setting up – installation: horizontal
  • rate of flow: up to 140 m³/h
  • type of setting up – surrounding: dry
  • self priming: yes
  • type of drive: electrical
  • material casing: metallic
  • shaft seal: mechanical seal
  • temperature pumped medium: from 1.0 to 120 °C
  • delivery head: from 1.0 to 60 m
  • construction feature – casing: single suction
  • construction feature – stage: single stage