Type SZ

Quick suctioning pumps - Type SZ

The quick suctioning immersion pumps type SZ are ideal for pumping liquids with high air inclusions such as emulsions, grinding and cutting oils. The impeller of the SZ is a combination of an open impeller and a  compressor impeller, which allows the simultaneous transport of air and media with pollutants.This makes the SZ pump the ideal quick suctioning immersion pump for almost all processes in grinding technology and heavy machining. Due to the open impeller construction, foreign particles up to a diameter of 20 mm can be pumped easily. Schmalenberger offers these pump series for flow rates of 50 to 1,800 l/min and for delivery heads up to 50 m. A maintenance-free silicon carbide throttling bush seal provides the necessary shaft sealing and guiding.


Areas of application:

  • Return pump for machine tools
  • Filter technology
  • Surface technology
  • Process engineering
  • Environmental technology



  • Robust design
  • Energy-efficient, cost-effective, maintenance-free
  • High reliability
  • Open impellers
  • Individually configurable
  • Various immersion depths
    (250, 320, 450, 550, 750 or 980 mm)
  • Characteristic field extendable with the use of a variable
    speed drive
  • Free ball passage up to 20 mm
  • Also available with 4-pole motors


Technical data:

  • For polluted media with high air inclusions
    up to 15 percent by volume
  • Flow rate 50 – 1,800 l/min
  • Delivery head up to 50 m
  • Material: cast iron
  • Motors: up to 3 kW 230/400 V 50 Hz,
    from 4 kW 400/690 V 50 Hz, 460 V 60 Hz
    and other voltages on request