Type S

Pumps for dry installation - Type S

Our S-pump series stands for single-staged, vertical block pumps with horizontal, coaxial connection nozzles (inline construction) without a shaft bearing at the pump end. Their most outstanding features are: maintenance-free rotating mechanical seals located on the suction side, a generously dimensioned shaft as well as the externally seated shaft bearing. These vertical compact S-series aggregates can be mounted on consoles or be freely installed into a conduit of pipes. The tested and proven construction guarantees maintenance-free operation, troublefree functioning and a prolonged service-life - even under severe operating conditions. S-pumps are limited self-priming and can be used for solvents as well as oil and emulsion. 

  • Painting plants
  • Surface technology
  • Machine-tool industry
  • Environmental technology
  • Filtration and Recycling technology
  • Textile industry
  • Clean and slightly polluted, abrasive liquids
  • Neutral or aggressive media, such as alcalines, solvants,
    coolants, lubricants
  • washing, cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, pickling