Resistant, robust and powerful.

The demands of process engineering are varied and extreme: corrosive media with differing viscosities and temperatures adversely affect the housing, impeller, seal and shaft. A multitude of components are available for these extreme applications: a stainless steel, plastic or grey cast iron housing can be selected, depending on the pump type involved. Single-stage or multi-stage pumps can be considered for pressure and delivery capacity design. Units designed for dry and tank installations are available. ATEX standard: Schmalenberger can supply pumps on request with an explosion-protected AC motor and/or ATEX certificate.

Pump solutions for engineering

Areas of application
  • Process engineering machines and equipment
  • Surface technology
  • Cleaning/Degreasing systems
  • Filtration technology
  • Painting systems

Areas of use
  • Delivery of degreasing, pickling, passivating and rinsing media
  • suitable for fully-demineralised water, water-based paint and paint sludge