Uncompromising, strong, reliable.

Chips, cooling emulsions or oil: delivery of lightly to severely- contaminated abrasive media with high levels of air inclusions makes severe demands on the design and materials selected for a centrifugal pump. Our SM series is our answer to the complex challenges faced in our customers‘ process chain: delivery without mechanical cutting, no complex lifting equipment, self-priming where even zero levels and severely foaming fluids are involved, selectively available with a sealing chamber to protect the mechanical seal, as a dry installation or Type SZ for tank installation, space-saving and compact installation. An extensive varied model range has made the SM and SZ extremely successful and favourites in mechanical engineering. A wide variety of applications: from small machine tools to heavy metal machining, from production involving metal machining to grinding, water jet cutting to recirculation pumps - the SM and SZ are the match for all these challenges.

Pump solutions for mechanical engineering

Areas of application
  • Machine tools
  • Grinding machines
  • Water jet cutting systems
  • Recirculation systems

Areas of use
  • Delivery of media with a high level of air inclusions and solid contents
  • Coarse and strongly-abrasive media
  • Suitable for lyes, solvents, cooling emulsions, steel chips, grinding sludge