Versatile applications and a long service life.

We provide a broad range of pump units to suit the continuously-growing environmental engineering market. Whether dry or tank installations are involved, you can utilise our pumps in a variety of areas: for recycling of liquids, disposal of industrial waste water or general applications involving the delivery of media in process engineering. Our pumps are also suitable for laboratory and test applications. They can be utilised for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. Pump selection is determined by the composition of the conveyed medium and the installation situation. We have the ideal pump for numerous individual cases. Our SMmobile can be utilised for mobile applications both indoors and outdoors: sturdy and mobile, self-priming with a high delivery rate, with remote control using PumpControl available on request.

Pump solutions for environmental engineering

Areas of application
  • Liquid treatment and recycling
  • Disposal purification plants for industrial waste water
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Mobile use

Areas of use
  • Delivery of media with high levels of solid content
  • Coarse and strongly-abrasive media
  • Suitable for lyes, acids, solvents