Over 60 years experience and know-how.

Pump technology since 1954: from standard pump to electronically monitored pump system, we have experienced continually growing development. Innovation, progress and growth have made us one of the leading providers of centrifugal pumps today for the entire coolant supply and disposal cycle in the metal machining industry. Our tank installation and dry installation pump ranges provide users with a comprehensive selection of lifting and delivery pumps. In addition to close-coupled and cantilever designs, the manufacturing and supply programme encompasses single-stage and multi-stage pumps. Our customers have a sophisticated range of products. This is why we not only consider ourselves as purely a product supplier, but a know-how and technology partner supplying decisive impulses for product and cost optimising of your development and production departments.

Our customer and product philosophy rests on three pillars:

Hi-tech materials:

We are well known on the market as a trend setter with numerous patents and creative innovations. CAD design and our own prototype construction are as much a part of our company as the use of new technologies and materials. Our organisation enables us to react extremely successfully, rapidly and flexibly to continuously-changing market requirements.

System or engineered solutions:

Our standardised series offer you the advantages of rapid availability and enable you to react quickly and effectively to your needs. We maintain stocks of numerous components to meet your requirements. Our engineered solutions enable us to design and produce tailored pump solutions which exactly meet your needs (e.g. with abrasion-resistant surface finishing, special motors, optimised levels of efficiency and compact designs).

Environmental compatibility and LCC:

Our products and services are designed to meet long-term requirements. Procurement costs are not decisive in this context, but rather running costs generated by our products during their life cycle. We would be delighted to draw up a cost comparison for you.