Air bubble systems

Air bubble systems

A cool bath in the surf

Millions of dancing, finely distributed bubbles rise to the surface of the water in a stimulating bubble pool. They gently brush past the skin, tingling like a glass of champagne, but also as soothing and as relaxing as a day by the sea.

Air and water come together where the sea breaks on the shore. The power of the elements is discharged in a foaming mass, bubbling with energy. Almost like a fluvo® bubble system which emits very fine bubbles from its innumerable jets which create a temperamental source from the floor, seats and loungers. A revitalising pleasure which makes your body feel weightless, washes away stress, stimulates the blood vessels and nerves and has a positive overall effect on the body.

fluvo® bubble systems will bring your body and soul into equilibrium in any pool – just like a day by the sea.


  • Air pads: 25-255 m³/h
    From 20 x 20 to 75 x 75 cm
  • Air loungers: 60 m³/h
    - single
    - double
    - Acrylair

Technical data:

  • Plastics / Stainless steel
  • Targeted air line
  • For installation in the floor
    or in the form of a seat
  • Can be integrated into the tiling
  • Air blowers alternatively radio controlled