2015 End of renovation of our company building
60th anniversary Schmalenberger / Setup of a continuous training academy
Begin of the energy efficiency restoration of our production facility and our headquarters
New energy-efficient motors for centrifugal pumps
Patented cutter pump for aluminium chips cutting
2009 New production "rotational molding"
2008 New coatings for pump materials
2007 Using carbon as a new material
2006 LED technology for the pool system
2005 Microprocessor-controlled pump monitoring
2004 50th anniversary is celebrated
2002 Establishment in Tours, France opened
1970 Name change to Schmalenberger GmbH + Co. KG
1970 First product of swimming pool technology
1970 Relocation to Tübingen-Weilheim
1956 Name change to OHG, new site Tübingen
1954 Foundation of Schmalenberger GmbH in Tübingen-Kilchberg