Fascinating Worlds of Water

inox plus 6.0 - Pool attractions resistant to salt water

The use of stainless steel components in swimming pools with salt water is a highly complex subject. Especially in cases where the salt concentration...

Powerful Pump Technology

New bearing support for individual motor configurations

Our new bearing support gives designers and users a complete new perspective in the usage of pumps and motors. The very compact and short construction of...



Pump components are subject to a high degree of complex thermal, mechanical and corrosive stress. We therefore not only continuously strive to utilise only the best materials in our modules, but also achieve maximum efficiency for defined installation situations.

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Innovation, progress and growth have made us one of the leading providers of Powerful Pump Technology today for the entire coolant supply and disposal cycle in the metal machining industry. Our tank installation and dry installation pump ranges provide users with a comprehensive selection of lifting and delivery pumps.

With our brand fluvo we convert swimming pools into Fascinating Worlds of Water. Durable attraction pumps, efficient motors, counter-current swimming systems, hydro-massage systems, water surge and air jet systems but also the latest LED technology can all be used to create inspirational effects with water, light and air using Mother Nature as a template. For all private and public pools!